Observations #1 – Shadows.

2013-09-09 16.17.15-12013-09-09 16.16.12-1 shadows

While I was hanging up the washing yesterday. I was watching the shadows of my clothes on the line, waving about in the wind. I wasn’t looking at representations of my clothes but more at the shadows as individual subjects. I was observing how they ’dance’ on different surfaces and how their shapes change in the wind.
It was almost like watching a film. It is amazing when you start really looking at things, what you can find.
A short film starring: Mother Nature.
Note:: I realise this post may seem pretentious and quite arty farty, but this is how my slightly simple mind works and I thought it would be good to get some of these thoughts out, especially if they lead to something else. It’s nice to have a free creative mind and not to use all my energy and attention into making ’uni style’ work.


Hello and Welcome.


My name is Jessica Charlotte and I have recently graduated from Bath School of Art and Design where I studied Graphic Communication (this is sort of like graphic design, illustration, photography all rolled into one). I am interested in the process of communicating ideas, especially those that aim to benefit others. Examples of my work can be viewed here.

My main interests lie in food and cooking, design (architecture, furniture design, graphic design) and adventuring (getting out the house and living).  I also love: tea, bees, the sea, longboarding, fiction, cornish ale, breakfasts, and new stationary.

In a bid to stay creative, I have started up this blog in which I hope to fill with my creative ‘goings-on’ : things that i’ve created, things that inspire me, food that i’ve cooked, places i’ve been too  and much, much more.  

This is a new chapter in my life and I am excited about sharing it with you.

Jessica Charlotte